NewsClub Teams Kick Off Preseason Preparations for the 2024 District Netball Season

February 29, 2024by Mitieli Baleiwai

Club netball teams from various district association around the country have commenced preparations for the 2024 netball season.

The district associations are set to kick off their club competitions around April, prompting clubs to build up on their off-season campaigns ahead of the new season.

In the capital city, club teams such as Grasshopper Netball, Lomaiviti, A-Blaze and other teams  have been organising daily training sessions and conducting netball clinics on weekends to prepare their players for the upcoming season.

The club’s commitment to skill development see’s players as young as 9 years old dedicating their time to build up on their game.

The dedication shown by these young athletes highlight the club’s focus on nurturing talent from an early age, building a culture of continuous improvement within the team.

Grasshoppers Netball club not only focus their preparation campaign on the upcoming season, but also aims to prepare their primary school players well in advance of the suva netball primary school competition scheduled for the next few weeks.

Grasshoppers Netball coach Alumeci Sachs explained that their age grade players have always been consistent in training and at netball clinics, which is reflected during Suva Primary Schools Netball Competition, where majority of these young players showcased their netball skills.

“We’re happy that the Suva primary schools netball competition is beginning early this year so it does not clash with other sports later on in the schools calendar of events, our young players in our clubs have been part of our development program from as young as 6 years old.”

“For us, its all about investing in our players and helping them grow in the sport they love which is netball, and we always focus on developing our players from a very young age, along the years these players continue to improve their skills, and this is evident in their game.”

Sach said that their consistent training and offseason preparation has been a contributing factor to the clubs success over the years.

“Our players parents invest their time to bring in their children to our programs, and also these young players invest their time to train and develop their netball skills over the years, this is part of our pathway which contributes to our clubs growth and success over the years.”

Sachs added that they are also gearing up for their Queensland Tour, where they will be taking their U12, U14, and U18 teams to compete in a four-day netball competition in Queensland around June.



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