The Fiji Netball Association (FNA) is the governing body for netball in Fiji and is responsible for the leadership, development and provision of netball opportunities across Fiji.
In Fiji today, netball is the most popular sport for girls and over the last few years there has been an increase in the number of men and boys playing netball in districts around the country.
Netball began in the early 1920s in Fiji and back then it was played as 9 a-side. This was changed to 7-asides between 1957-1958. The Fiji Netball body was established in 1963, informally at first, and then formally over the following years to facilitate its representation to the 1963 inaugural South Pacific Games hosted in Fiji and where the national team won gold. Fiji’s first representation at the Netball World Cup followed through in 1975.
Netball in Fiji is now a vibrant, growing sport carrying out programs and activities across Fiji. With the support and assistance of partnerships with Netball Australia and DFAT via the ODA and PSP agreements and Netball New Zealand through NetGo Netball Fiji is able to connect to our communities and our people. These opportunities attached to being involved in the sport of netball provide a platform for our girls and all those involved in netball to play, be empowered and most importantly maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Netball Fiji has proven that we are serious contenders in the game given our best ever rankings-6th place in 1999 at the 10th World Championship in Christchurch, New Zealand and 4th place at the 2017 WYNC in Gabarone, Botswana. Our aim to grow, lead and perform will be used to help guide us improve our current 17th world ranking.
In keeping with the true spirit of Fijian sport, our role continues to be creating an environment of enjoyment and learning and in the process allowing our young girls to perform, play, officiate, manage and enjoy netball!


Members of the Executive Committee the Fiji Netball Association which is established under the Powers of Netball Fiji
Members of the Executive Committee the Fiji Netball Association which is established under the Powers of Netball Fiji



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