NewsNetball Fiji’s Annual General Meeting Witnesses Election of Executive Committee

February 24, 2024by Mitieli Baleiwai

Netball Fiji successfully conducted its annual General Meeting yesterday, marking another successful AGM for the organisation and its key stakeholders.

Among the key agenda on the AGM was the election of Fiji Netball Association President and Executive Committee.

The election results saw the reappointment of Mrs. RubyAnn Sorovaki as the FNA President, showcasing continued trust and confidence in her leadership. Additionally, three new committee members were appointed, including the Treasurer.

President: RubyAnn Sorovaki

Vice President Administration: Kitione Waqavonovono

Vice President Technical: Lupe Cakau

Secretary: Myrtle Smith

Assistant Secretary: Mere Williams

Treasurer: Courtney Bitu

Committee Members: Ruci Camaitoga, Ledua Vaka, Ilisapeci Korovou, Karalaini Seruratu, and Serai Roxburgh.

The new leadership team brings a wealth of experience and dedication to Netball Fiji, promising a bright future for the organisation under their guidance.



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