NewsFiji Pearls embark on a three-day team bonding retreat

In their quest to forge a stronger more cohesive team, the Fiji Pearls will embark on a three-day team bonding camp at the Namosi Eco Lodge Retreat..

The team departs for Namosi tomorrow morning and will immerse themselves in an environment that has been set up without most of the familiar comforts of home allowing them to work together to build a stronger bond and.  embrace the spirit of togetherness.

The primary objective of this three-day camp is to foster team unity and strengthen the bonds among the players. The team will disconnect from their everyday routine and take part in shared activities that will test their commitment to each other as a team.

During their time up in Namosi, the team will have the chance to also reconnect with nature and take a short break from an intensive 3 months but the activities planned will allow them to focus on building and reinforcing their team culture, 

This unique unplugged” (no electronics or mobile phones) team building retreat will provide a platform for the Pearls to grow closer, to develop a deeper understanding of one another, and foster a sense of camaraderie that pushes beyond the boundaries of the netball court. 

As the team departs for Namosi, they carry with them the shared hope of returning as a more united and harmonious unit. 

Without mobile phones and totally disconnected the Fiji Pearls are looking forward to this opportunity to get away from it all and focus on the uphill task that lies ahead of them in Cape Town South Africa beginning Friday July 28th. 



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