NewsPearls continue to build up

The Fiji Pearls finished fourth at the PacificAus Sports Netball Series after losing to Zambia 55-56 in the third-place playoff while the Tonga Tala beat Malawi in an electrifying final to claim the 2023 PacificAus Sports third year in a row.

The Fiji Pearls played a total of six games throughout the series, they manage to secure two wins and lost four games in an intense contest.

The six days Netball series has laid a platform for the Fiji Pearls to acquire some more game-time and capitalized on the high-caliber competition as they prepare for the Netball World Cup just months away.

Fiji Pearls captain Maria Lutua emphasized how the PacificAus Sports program has helped the team in preparation ahead of the World Cup.

“We’ve got a young squad, so for most of them the PacificAus Sports program has helped them with their development, their nutrition, with training and getting them exposed to competition,” said Lutua.

“These are the kind of competitions that we need, quality competition and matches like this massively helps in the preparation for the World Cup. There’s so many teams constantly playing test matches and these types of competitions really help us.

“Constant competition and matches help build the team and the exposure and experience for the girls. The program does really help very much,” she said.

Lutua explained how the team continues to use this opportunity to level up their game and skills and help other players back at home with their experience.

“What the PacificAus Sports has done is brought that to our doorstep, and we can help the other girls back home with the resources they don’t have access to otherwise.”

PacificAus Sports Netball Series Final Placing

1. Tonga

2. Malawi

3. Zambia

4. Fiji

5. Samoa

6. Kenya

7. Singapore

8. Papua New Guinea



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