NewsNaitasiri Netball Association to revive Netball in the region

The Naitasiri Highlanders Netball Association is making a comeback after being inactive for almost a decade.

The association is working hard to revive itself and has received support from the Netball Fiji Development Unit which recently held an umpires refresher course in Nakorovatu on April 29th.

A total of nine umpires from the association participated in the course, which was designed to reintroduce them to umpiring and test their knowledge of the game’s rules and fundamentals.

National Umpires manager, Mrs. Losalini Bainivalu, explained that the visit aimed to refresh the umpires’ knowledge ahead of their games.

Mrs. Bainivalu also noted that the Naitasiri Netball Association is one of the largest associations in the country, with each village in the province consisting of two to three teams.

“The players from these village clubs are mostly secondary school students with natural athleticism, and developing the associations umpires’ skills will help the competition run smoothly and elevate the players’ game to another level,” Bainivalu said.

The visit by Netball Fiji’s Development Unit has provided a much-needed boost to the Naitasiri Highlanders Netball Association, which is eager to make a comeback after a long hiatus.

“By working with their umpires and ensuring they have the right skills and knowledge, the association can look forward to a successful revival and a bright future in the sport,” added Bainivalu.



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