NewsNetball Fiji’s top bench official attends PacificAus Sport Series

April 24, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

Netball Fiji’s most accredited bench official, Ruci Camaitoga, will represent Fiji at the 2023 PacificAus Sport Series which began yesterday.

Camaitoga, who is widely regarded as one of Fiji’s top bench officials, will attend a bench official refresher course in sunny Queensland prior to the event.

Her participation at the PacificAus Sport Series will boost her resume and accreditation, as well as provide valuable insights that can be applied to Fiji’s local bench officials upon her return.

According to Netball Fiji chief executive officer Vivian Koster, Camaitoga’s participation at the PacificAus Sport Series is a significant opportunity for her to refresh her skills, learn new ways of teaching, and up-skill Fiji’s local bench officials.

“Ruci attending the PacificAus Sport Series is an opportunity for her as a trainer to get a refresher on her own skills, but also an opportunity to be mentored by the Australian based technical officials,” said Ms Koster.

“When Ruci (Camaitoga) returns, she will be able to apply everything she learned from the refresher in Australia to our local technical officials.

“It’s good for us as one of our local officials participating at an international series will help her learn new ways of teaching and up- skilling our own officials,” added Koster.

Koster also emphasised the importance of having one of our qualified bench official at the Pacific Games.

“We want to have some of our bench officials attending the Pacific Games, so her participation at this series will also help her own accreditation for the Pacific Games. She is the most qualified bench official in Fiji and this just adds to her experience.

“Our hope is that she will attend the Pacific Games and have a key role there,” said Koster.

“Camaitoga’s participation at the PacificAus Sport series is a major achievement for her and NF. Her experience and insights gained from this event will undoubtedly benefit the local bench officials and raise the standards of netball officiating in Fiji.”



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