NewsMosese doesn’t let disability limit his ability to play Netball

February 24, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

25-year-old Mosese Tui was one of the trialists at the Fiji Men’s Netball trials that was held at the Vodafone Arena on Saturday 18th February.

Mosese stood out at the trials, he was fast, skillful and a team player. The Kadavu lad who hails from Solotavui doesn’t let disability shield him from enjoying what he loves. Mosese was born deaf and has been enjoying Netball since primary school.

Through an interview with his sign language interpreter, Mosese explains that his love for Netball began back in primary school when he realized how inclusive the sport was.

“I found that Netball was very inclusive and I was comfortable at where I was associating myself, thats where my interest in Netball became a passion,” Mosese explained.

Netball is a safe zone for Mosese and the game has taught him that disability doesn’t limit a person’s ability to do what they love or to reach their goal.

“Whenever I play, my teammates always assist me, they are always friendly, even the opponents are always helpful and that’s why I love this game,” added Mosese.

Mosese explains that he doesn’t let his disabilities discourage him from playing and enjoying the game.

“For me, my biggest challenge is my disability but I’ve learned not to limit my ability to push through, I always force myself to conquer it and encourage myself that I’m not limited by this challenge,” explained Mosese.

Mosese is on a mission to continue breaking down the stigma that people living with disabilities cannot fit into sports.

That is something I’m trying to break, I would like to encourage deaf people, to remember it doesn’t matter your disability, what matters is your ability to push through.”

“I encourage you to grow, to be inclusive, you need to come and play netball or other inclusive sports, don’t have that fear because participating in sports will prove that you can achieve anything,”

Mosese explained that he has always put the stigma aside and continued to push through to achieve his goal, he will also continue to advocate that, “Disability will never limit someone’s ability to push through if they’re willing to achieve their goal.”



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