NewsFiji Pearls players including one Academy player to play at Singapore Super League

February 22, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

Five members of the Fiji Pearls and one Netball Fiji Academy player will be leaving our shores tonight travelling to Singapore to play in the Singapore Deloitte Netball Super League 2023.

The six players Nina Nakula, Reama Verekauta, Elina Drikibau, Unaisi Rauluni, Sereana Maragi and Jimaima Kete will join the following teams:

1.       Blaze – Nina Nakula

2.       Fier Orcas – Reama Verekauta

3.       Llabten – Elina Drikibau

4.       Mannas – Unaisi Rauluni

5.       Sneakers – Sereana Maragi

6.       Swifts – Jimaima Kete

The crossover to the Singapore Super League will assist these six players with their game time exposure, which is invaluable in a World Cup year.

The Super League runs from 4 Feb – 19 March. International players are invited to join the Super League in the 2nd round of competition until the finals on 19th March.

Netball Fiji CEO Vivian Koster said, ’We are thankful to Netball Singapore for once again providing an opportunity to Fiji’s players to compete in their Super League competition,” said Ms Koster.

“This is especially valuable in the World Cup year, where members of the Fiji Pearls squad will have regular game time for a month before coming home to play in the Quad Series at the end of March,” added Ms Koster.

The six players will be returning at the end of the Deloitte Super League on the 20th of March where they will join the other Pearls squad for the upcoming Quad Series.



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