NewsIntensive Leadership Workshop focus on constructive Netball governance

August 11, 2022by Mitieli Baleiwai

An intensive Leadership Workshop was held earlier today as part of the SSN Fiji Tour programme where Netball Federation leaders and staff from PNG, Samoa, Fiji, and Tonga all attended.

The 5 days workshop is part of the constructive governance and the administration side of the Netball game. The workshop is part of a long-term Netball development programme under Netball Australia in partnership with Pacific Aus Sport.

Participants dived into the key aspects of leading a Netball Organisation and strategically laying out key plans, understanding the goals, and learning creative ways of achieving the goal and the skills required to execute it.

Netball Australia Head of Marketing Development Ellie Seckold emphasized that the idea of incorporating the participants into the 5 days intensive leadership workshop is to arm them into leading an organization that delivers and governs effectively.

“We really want to make an organization really stronger which leads to an effective implementation and deliveries from grass roots level to the High Performance,” said Ellie.

“This programme is about building the Pacific Netball Federation to excel in the sport, both on the International Stage and in Administrative governance stage,” she added.

Participants at the workshop looked into ways of setting pathways and running effective programmes that focus on growing grassroots participation and growing the club-level environment.

Gavin MacDonald, an Australian Sports Management Consultant that has worked with various sporting organisations in Australia is part of the workshop as an educator.

Gavin points out how crucial it is to focus on various skills that are required to make people good leaders in their specific positions, he knows that this will make an organization more effective.

“We’d like to build in around skills of strategic thinking, we talk about finance and commercial capabilities and also governance, they are all centered around the leadership theme as we work through, said Gavin.

“It all comes back to an organization, if we have a good strong organization that’s developing and delivering Netball effectively then you’ll see an effective team from these regions competing effectively on the world stage,” he added.

The workshop is an effective strategy by Netball Australia and Pacific Aus Sport as they’re focusing on the correlation between two parties that want to reach a common goal, if Netball Australia can make their partners and neighbor stronger strategically then the sport will be stronger overall.

The Five days intensive Leadership workshops will conclude on Sunday 14th August 2022.



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