NewsFiji Pearls fine tune game play ahead of PacificAus Sports Series

The Fiji Pearls are honing up their preparation as they draw closer to the 2024 PacificAus Sports Netball Series. 

The team was in a one week camp from the 27th – 31st where they continued their training program focusing on specific areas in training.

Fiji Pearls head coach Una Rokoura explained that one of the aim for the camp was to connect together as a team.

“We have concluded our camp last week, the objective around the camp is that we want to just connect together as a team in-terms of the place themselves and strengthened our team bonding especially the different areas of the of the court.”

“It was a very successful camp, we’ve wanted the girls to appreciate the small things, at the end of the week we saw big change, a big shift in terms of the connection and the bond between the players.”

“A few areas that we were focusing a lot is just making sure that we’re able to clean up our through court play in terms of attack.”

“Our sub unit groups have worked together as units in terms of the shooting, the mid-court and defenders is trying to strengthen the connection on court as well.”

“Having to come together last week and having to focus on these specific areas in training and having a training match against the Fijian men’s team on Saturday, we’ve seen a big shift in these areas in-terms of the components of our attacking play that we wanted to work with.”

The Fiji Pearls will depart for Brisbane on Friday 7th June, the team will open their PacificAus Sports Series against Singapore on 10th June at 3pm, they take on Samoa on 11th June and will take on the Australian All Nations team on the 12th. On the 13th June they take on Tonga Tala and their last match is against Namibia on the 14th.



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