NewsSangam Annual Convention Netball tournament continues to grow

April 1, 2024by William

The Fiji National Maathar Sangam recently hosted their  Sanatan and Sangam netball convention at the Nadi Sangam Netball court in Nadi, and Bethel Primary School in Labasa over the Easter weekend, with a total of 37 teams participating across both locations.

Traditionally, the Fiji National Maathar Sangam holds its annual Sangam netball convention and Sanatan netball convention during the Easter weekend, drawing netball teams from all corners of the country and from overseas to take part in the tournament.Preview Changes (opens in a new tab)

Former Netball Fiji development manager, Mr. Sandeep Prasad was part of the tournament as an umpire. Mr. Prasad commended the continuous growth of the Sangam netball tournament each year.

He noted the tournament’s growth in terms of team participation and the heightened level of competitiveness displayed in the games.

“The netball fixtures at the annual Sangam Convention are always a highlight for everyone involved, this year’s tournament showcased 18 teams in the Open Grade category and 4 teams in the Veterans Grade (for women aged 45 and above), with 7 international teams competing in the Open Grade,” Mr. Prasad shared.

Mr. Prasad highlighted the increasing passion for netball within the Sangam community, emphasizing the rising number of teams and the growing interest from players.

“At the Sangam Convention, I witnessed firsthand the passion and dedication that the players possess, despite the rain and slippery courts, these ladies were determined to play the game they love,” Mr. Prasad remarked.

Reflecting on a challenging moment during the tournament, Mr. Prasad recalled, “Just before lunch, a heavy downpour interrupted the games. After a two-hour delay and numerous discussions, the rain finally stopped, and everyone pitched in to dry the courts to resume play.”   

Ms. Irene Samie, the acting president of the Fiji National Maathar Sangam, expressed her delight at the tournament’s growth and outlined plans to expand future events.

“It’s truly inspiring to witness the players’ progression at the tournament, their understanding of the game’s rules and their skill levels have noticeably improved over the years,” Ms. Samie said.

She added, “Our efforts will not end here, throughout the year, we aim to conduct workshops to train our coaches and club administrators, as well as organize a larger tournament next year to accommodate the growing interest.”

Team Highbrook all the way from New Zealand clinched the title of the 2024 Sangam Convention Netball champions in Nadi, successfully defending their championship from the previous year.

Meanwhile, Team Tuva from Sigatoka emerged victorious at the 2024 Sanatan Convention Netball in Labasa.   

Despite challenging weather conditions at both events, with rain and slippery courts posing risks, the spirit of the game remained undeterred as players showcased their determination and love for netball.



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