NewsNetball Fiji Coaches Attends Global Coach Conference

December 4, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

Netball Fiji’s Coach Developer, Anasimeci Rakavosa, and Development Manager, Sandeep Prasad, recently participated in the Global Coach Conference (GCC) held in Singapore from November 29th to December 3rd, 2023.

At the 14th GCC themed “Coaching for a Better Tomorrow,” Rakavosa and Prasad engaged in an enriching experience, learned about new coaching research, and share experiences with the top coaching development experts in the world.

Organized biennially by the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE), this conference unites coaches, coach developers, researchers, sport scientists, technical directors, and sports administrators to tackle coaching issues, share experiences, and explore cutting-edge coaching developments and best practices.

The GCC placed significant emphasis on effective coaching practices, coach learning and development, coaching policies and systems, and inclusivity. It aimed to equip coaches better for an increasingly dynamic, technologically advanced, and uncertain future.

Rakavosa emphasized the power of collaboration learned at the conference: “As a coach and coach developer, this experience reiterated the importance of collaboration and connectivity among coaches. It’s crucial to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and collectively strive for improvement.”

“We need to keep collaborating and connecting as coaches,” said Rakavosa.

“Collaboration with other sport is crucial, we need to share knowledge and discuss challenges of the sport and try and change for the better.”

She also highlighted discussions on cultural diversity.

“The conference emphasized the fundamental principles of guiding athletes and coaches, particularly regarding the diverse cultures in Fiji, we learned the value of respecting and embracing this diversity with a positive attitude.”

Prasad stressed the significance of knowledge exchange: “Engaging in open dialogues about diverse global issues was invaluable, bringing these ideas back to Fiji is crucial for our development.”

“We also have a coaching development facilitors workshop this week, that should further help to upgrade my skills with facilitating coach development programs around the country.”

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, Rakavosa said, “I’m immensely grateful for Netball Fiji and Netball Australia for allowing me to be part of this prestigious global coaching conference. Interacting with top coaches and leaders from around the world and absorbing their powerful messages through presentations was truly inspiring.”



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