NewsNasinu Netball Association aims to build up pool of young talents.

September 5, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

The Nasinu Netball Association have retained the Digicel Punjas National Championship three years in a row.

Nasinu winning captain and former Fiji Pearls goal attack Alesi Waqa shared how the Nasinu Netball Association is investing in their young talents with the aim of developing their game to another level in years to come.

“We have a really young team coming to this years Digicel Punjas National Championship, our aim is to retain the cup, so this is the third year in a row we’ve been defending the National Championship title,” said Alesi.

Alesi explained that winning the title with their young players is a testament of their development with their upcoming pool of players in Nasinu Netball Association.

“We have a really young team coming in to this years, we have more young players in Nasinu association, our aim is to continue and develop these young players and continue to exposure them in top competitions like this.”

Alesi emphasize that the Nasinu Netball Association aims to get its pool of young players to the highest level of their netball game, prepare them well and get them ready for national selection.

“Whats next for us is to get our young players through our pathway, continue to train them, and continue to help them grow their talent.”

The Nasinu Netball Association’s vision is to empower their emerging talents, enabling them to flourish and excel in netball. The dedication to fostering the growth of these young players is evident in their pursuit of continued success at the Digicel Punjas National Championship.



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