September 1, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

Permanent Secretary of Youth and Sports Mr. Rovereto Nayacalevu officially launched Netball Fiji’s 5 years strategic plan at the Digicel Punjas National Championship.

Netball Fiji’s strategic plan is a guide put in place to help reach its long term goals and assit the association in connecting the dots to grow, sustain and perform.

Mr Nayacalevu said that Netball Fiji’s dedication and commitment has laid the foundation in growing the game in the country.

“The dedication and commitment in putting together this strategic plan have laid the foundation for a promising future for netball in Fiji,” said Nayacalevu.

“Netball is often referred to as the heartbeat of our nation, it has played a crucial role in promoting unity, fostering leadership skills, and empowering our youth of today.”

Mr. Nayacalevu said that the 5 years plan outlines a clear and ambitious roadmap that aims to transform netball into a thriving and internationally competitive sport in Fiji.

Netball Fiji President Mrs. RubyAnn Sorovaki thanked the Australian Government and Netball Australia for making the plan a successful one.

“We’d like to thank the Australian Government through DFAT and the PacificAus Sport Netball Australia team that we work with closely, our associations presidents, teams, players, and the team at the office guided by the Netball Fiji Executive committee,” said Mrs Sorovaki.

She explained that Netball Fiji’s plan is GROW, SUSTAIN, and PERFORM.

“Our game plan with this strat plan is to grow, sustain and to perform, with those three pillars we want to get out into the districts and make sure to grow the sport, to put programs in place to sustain netball going forward into the future in order for us to perform and to attract more partnerships.”

“Just like all organisation, a strategic plan was needed as a beacon to guide where we’re going and where we wanted to be, that’s where the idea came from, and we’ve received so much support from our stakeholders.”

Sorovaki said that the strategic plan is for all associations, for the teams, the players, the administrators, for the officials, “its for netball in Fiji as a whole and its a huge step in the right direction for Netball Fiji so at the end of the day we know where we’re going.”



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