NewsNetball Fiji’s Top umpires officiates at Upper North Islands Secondary Schools Tournament in Hamilton

August 29, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

Netball Fiji’s top umpires, Yvonne Vaka and Litia Rabitu, have embarked on a journey to New Zealand where they officiated at the renowned Upper North Island Tournament.

The Upper North Island Tournament is the Secondary Schools tournament in the upper North Island hosted by Netball Hamilton.

Yvonne and Litia recently officiated the Saints Super 4 Netball Tournament in Samoa on August 17 – 18. As part of their umpire development.

Officiating at such event is a testament to their dedication and expertise, which plays a pivotal role in their ongoing umpire development journey.

Both umpires hold their National A badges. This overseas expedition presents an invaluable opportunity for them to hone their umpiring skills even further, a testament to their commitment to their craft.

Beyond personal growth, the trip holds a greater purpose. Yvonne and Litia intend to leverage their umpire development experience to mentor and guide local umpires, paving the way for others to achieve their own umpire A badges. Their dedication to developing their talents underscores their commitment to the local netball community, ensuring a robust pipeline of skilled umpires for years to come.

The two umpires will use their umpire development opportunity to teach other local umpires and help them attain their umpires A badge.Their journey isn’t just about individual achievement, it’s a collaborative endeavor that uplifts the entire netball landscape in Fiji.



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