NewsFiji Pearls to contests 11th/12th place after stage 2 preliminary rounds

August 3, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

The Fiji Pearls loss all of their 3 matches in the second stage of the Netball World Cup preliminary round against Malawi, England, and Scotland.

The Pearls played their first round of stage 2 against Malawi. The Malawi Queens overcame a blistering start by Fiji Pearls on Monday to record a 62-48 win.

While Fiji had more than 50 per cent of the ball in the last quarter, it was Malawi who had the better of possession throughout the match, giving their shooters enough chances to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Fiji Pearls took on world number three England in the second round. The Vitality Roses took on Fiji Pearls for the fifth time at a Netball World Cup, and made it five wins from five in clinical fashion with a 28-89 victory in Cape Town on Tuesday.

The Roses came out firing from the start. They proved solid on defence in all four quarters and even more deadly on attack with both shooters achieving a 100 per cent record and cruising to their highest quarter score of the tournament so far.

Fiji Pearls was determined to secure their second win of the 2023 World Cup against Scotland but fell short. With the Scottish supporters belting out “Flower of Scotland” from the stands, the Thistles secured a 62-46 victory over Fiji Pearls in the last Pool F match.

Despite the loss, Fiji were already assured of finishing higher than they did at the 2019 Netball World Cup after safely negotiating their way through the first group stage – so securing a place of 12th or higher.

Scotland advanced to the 9th/10th playoff while Fiji will contest for 11th/12th place against Trinidad and Tobago.



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