NewsPlans for major Netball Tournaments in the Pipeline

The Finance Hub Super League forms an integral part of Netball Fiji’s comprehensive plan to expand its range of competitions and actively involve netball athletes from all corners of the country.

Designed as a means to engage netball districts, the Super League has demonstrated promising progress and is poised for continued growth in the years ahead.

This year, Netball Fiji has organized a total of five netball tournaments in addition to the Super League. The objective is to enhance the district competitions and club tournaments, thereby attracting more athletes and generating greater interest in the sport.

This initiative serves as a valuable platform for local athletes to compete throughout the regular season.

Netball Fiji CEO Vivian Koster highlighted the significance of developing more local competitions, emphasizing that they will significantly contribute to the preparation of local athletes for international representation.

“Our athletes require increased exposure to elite-level competition to better equip them for international challenges. The Finance Hub Super League aligns perfectly with this vision,” explained Ms. Koster.

The Finance Hub Super League is set to continue with its third round this weekend at the Lautoka Multipurpose Court, while the subsequent rounds (4, 5, and 6) will take place in the coming weeks at the FMF Gymnasium.

Netball Fiji’s upcoming competitions include the Secondary Schools Finals, the National Championship, the Super Club, and the Vanua Cup. These events serve as significant milestones in the organization’s mission to further elevate the sport of netball within the country.



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