NewsNaitasiri Netball Association officially launched club competition

Naitasiri Netball Association officially launched their club netball competition on Saturday 13th May at the Vunidawa Ground in Naitasiri.

Netball Fiji president RubyAnn Sorovaki was the chief guest at the opening ceremony, Mrs. Sorovakii acknowledged the hard work of the Naitasiri netball committee to get Naitasiri netball up and running again after 7 years.

“I thank them for their hard work and urge them to always work together, the Committee Members, club leaders, players, and officials to ensure Naitasiri is represented in tournaments and at the National Level,” said Mrs. Sorovaki.

“Netball Fiji also pledged support for the lifting of the officiating of the game in Naitasiri through training and development of umpires, bench officials, and coaches which NF sees as vital in moving the sport forward.”

The Naitasiri Netball Association will also be fielding one men’s team for the Men’s championship this weekend.

Naitasiri Netball acknowledged the support they had received from Netball Fiji to ensure they’re up and running after seven years hiatus.



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