NewsNadroga Netball field two teams in Men’s Championship

The Nadroga Netball Association has announced that it will be entering two Men’s teams into the upcoming Men’s Netball Championship, which is scheduled to take place on the 19th and 20th of May at the Vodafone Arena in Suva.

The two teams, named Conua Legions and Salad Bowl, are the top two in their club competition, and the association is hoping that they will perform well in this year’s championship.

Avinesh Kumar, the president of the Nadroga Netball Association, has stated that his young and talented squad is coming into the competition as underdogs, but they are determined to finish strong. Last year, they lost to Nadi and Suva in a close thriller, and this year they are looking to turn the tables.

According to Mr. Kumar, the Men’s Netball Championship provides an excellent opportunity for his young squad to gain exposure and develop their skills. He sees this competition as a platform to challenge his players and help them to grow.

The Conua Legions and Salad Bowl teams are aware that the competition will be tough, and they are expecting all teams to come in full force.

However, they are excited about the expansion of the Men’s competition and the potential for the National Men’s team to compete with top teams internationally in coming years.

Mr Kumar has thanked Netball Fiji for providing a pathway for Men’s netball and hope to see more potential players in the future.



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