NewsNetball Fiji plans ahead for the long run

April 18, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

Netball Fiji has implemented a long term strategic plan with the aim of growing the game in the country and taking it to greater heights.

Some key focus areas are building the capacity of the game, the sustainability of netball, and creating an environment that supports the game of Netball.

Netball Fiji is setting up pathways for its stakeholders and planning ways of running effective community programmes. Part of the community programme is for coach developers to visit communities to teach and train school and community coaches on the key aspects of coaching, and for these coaches to instil these learnings in their local teams.

In November 2022 Netball Fiji organised a coach developer refresher course for all coach developers. The course reiterated key roles and responsibilities while also refreshing community delivery content and delivery methods.

Netball Fiji member associations are fully focused on growing grassroots participation and growing the club-level environment. One of the key points Netball Fiji stressed to its member associations at the Annual General Meeting in February was for all member associations to strategically lay out key plans, understand their respective goals, and learn creative ways of achieving their goals.

The idea being that when these local associations consistently follow their plan, it’ll lead them to effective implementation and delivery of the code from grass roots level to the High Performance.

In November 2022, Netball Fiji launched its Academy programme. The initiative was structured to develop and build a strong pool of players that came through the school and community competition pathways.

The idea of building and developing from the grassroots level will help enhance the caliber of domestic competition which will make the sport stronger in the country.

The focus not only rests on players’ development, grassroots netball engagements, or the expansion of domestic netball competition, in fact, one of the major focus is also the strategic development of the governing body itself.

This is all part of the long-term development plan which has been set in place to transition the game of Netball in the country to a more sustainable, domestically strong and internationally competitive sport.



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