NewsFiji Pearls Squad Members Leave For Netball Queensland Sapphire Series

January 28, 2022by Sandeep Prasad

Netball Fiji farewelled Fiji Pearls squad members Unaisi Rauluni and Ema Mualuvu who left the country today to join the Northern Mendi Rays for the 2022 Hart Sapphire Series. They will be joining their team tomorrow in a scheduled pre-season training camp.

Fiji Netball Head Coach, Unaisi Rokoura wished the players well and is looking forward to seeing how their game will grow from the experience. Rokoura said “ I am happy that our players have been given this opportunity. It will also encourage other players and give them something to strive for in their own netball careers.”

Netball Fiji CEO, Vivian Koster added “Netball Fiji is proud to be sending off two players once again to the Sapphire Series. We had opportunity to see both Ema and Unaisi in action over the recent Punjas Digicel Super Club Championship playing for the champion Tagimocia team, and look forward to seeing them in the Sapphire Series.”

Koster also said “We thank the PacificAus Sports Partnership with Netball Australia and the Australian Department of Foreign Affiars and Trade for this opportunity for our players to be in the Athlete Immersion Program at Northern Mendi Rays. We also thank Netball Queensland for their logistical assistance.

Netball Fiji had a brief with the players this week stressing the importance of this attachment and that they are representatives not only of their team mates that hope to follow them into the program but of netball and of Fiji. The athletes were also provided with a traveling allowance.

Netball Fiji wishes both athletes all the best for the coming season.



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