NewsAnnual Highlight Summary 2023

January 9, 2024by Mitieli Baleiwai

In 2023, Netball Fiji witnessed exceptional growth and continuous expansion in participation within the sport. Through close collaboration with all district member associations, the Fiji Sports Commission, and Pacific Aus Sports, alongside our dedicated coach developers, development officers, and other stakeholders, Netball Fiji perseveres in promoting and advancing the game across the nation.

Netball Fiji extends heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors whose support continues to drive the growth of the sport in Fiji. Digicel and Punjas have remained steadfast pillars of support for Netball in Fiji, while Fiji Sun serves as our media partner. Additionally, we acknowledge ElevationTec, our trusted web development partner, and extend a warm welcome to FinanceHub for jumping onboard as a new sponsor.

Finance Hub Super League Success: The successful launch and implementation of the Finance Hub Super League marked a significant achievement, paving the way for an eagerly anticipated second season this year.

Tri Series and International Victories: Our participation in the Tri Series, engaging the Mens, Mix, and Central Pulse teams against Fiji Pearls prepared the Pearls well ahead of the World Cup where they Finished 11th. Victories against higher-ranked teams – Zambia in the Pacific Aus Sports Series, and victory over Zimbabwe and Trinidad & Tobago at the World Cup – notably boosted our world rankings.

Mens Netball increase participation : Netball Fiji continues to grow the Mens Netball and is among the other Nations that are promoting and growing the game internationally through mens netball. Netball Fiji held the Men’s Netball championship in its second year of competition last year. The tournament engages mens team from around the country.In 2022 only district teams participated while club teams were included last year, and the competition continues to grow.

Strategic Plan Launch: Netball Fiji launched its 5 years strategic plan during the opening of the Digicel Punjas National Championship last year. The strategic plan is a guide put in place to help reach its long term goals and assit the association in connecting the dots to grow, sustain and perform. Netball Fiji’s plan is GROW, SUSTAIN, and PERFORM. The 5 years plan outlines a clear and ambitious roadmap that aims to transform netball into a thriving and competitive sport in Fiji.

Elite Preparations and Partnerships: Hosting the Sunshine Coast Thunder and South Coast Blaze in preparation for the Pacific Games, through partnerships with Pacific Aus Sports, provided exposure and experience for our players. This collaboration promises further opportunities in 2024.

National Netball Academy’s Triumph: The National Netball Academy concluded on a high note, the Academy campaign ended in a competitive event for its players. This event not only offered crucial match play but also served as trials for the U21 squad preparing for the World Youth Cup in Gibraltar next year.

Pacific Games Silver Medal: The commendable achievement of securing the Pacific Games silver medal stood out as a testament to our team’s dedication and preparation towards the Games.

Ongoing Growth and Development: Our commitment to expanding Netball across various communities remains steadfast. This includes nurturing interests, developing umpires, technical officials, and coaches. Collaborative efforts with Pacific Aus Sport and Fiji Sports Commission aim to offer continuous upskilling opportunities for all involved in our sport.

Looking ahead to 2024, our focus remains on fostering excellence, expanding horizons, and elevating the standards of Netball in our country.



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