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March 31, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

The Fiji Mens team scooped the Tri Series Training Match Title after a four days unbeaten run against the Fiji Pearls open squad, and the Fiji Mixed team.

The Fiji Mens team beat the Fiji Pearls Open Squad in the main Final to claim the Tri Series Title.

The Tri Series was a successful training match campaign for the Fiji Pearls, having high quality match up against a high endurance Mens and Mixed teams that brought flair and elevation to the competition.

Netball Fiji’s Tri Series campaign showed the initiative Netball Fiji is taking towards Mens Netball in the country. The selection of the Mens team to be the training partner of the Fiji Pearls was based on the quality of the players, the competitiveness they bring, and the quality Netball matchup they execute.

Netball Fiji CEO said that the Tri Series was a good hit out for the Pearls going up against a quality Mens side.

“It provides our Fiji Pearls squad an opportunity for high quality game time, the Mens team are the training partner of Fiji Pearls, and they have done fantastically well, they bring a lot of flair and elevation that makes the tournament exciting,”said Vivian.

Netball Fiji continues to grow the Mens Netball and is among the other Nations that are promoting and growing the game internationally through mens netball.

Ms Koster emphasised on the growing excitement of Netball in Fiji as Netball Fiji continues to roll out Mens Netball.

“This is not just for us, its also something Word Netball is encouraging so we’re making sure we’ve got our Foot in front of everyone else so when there is a World Mens Test Series, Fiji will be well prepared for it,” added Vivian.

Fiji Mens head coach Mr. Josaia Tuinamata said that one of the main purpose of laying a solid platform for mens netball in the country is to prepare early for the long run, looking at the high possibility of Netball being included into the Olympics.

“We’re now building up the platform for the 2032 Olympics If World Netball are looking to go to the Olympics then this is the platform we’re setting up to be part of the Olympics as well,” said Mr. Tuinamata.

Mr Tuinamata also explained about the upcoming international campaigns that the Fiji Mens team would be looking forward to.

“New Zealand will be organising a Mens Fast Five Tournament and we’re looking forward to attend this tournament, and we’re also looking forward to some regional competitions moving forward,” said Tuinamata.

“Thanks to Netball Fiji we’ve got competitions that are also engaging our local Mens teams from around the country, and we can see that the Mens Netball competition are building up, we have various Mens club that are coming up and also we have growing interests from young players,” added Tuinamata.

Ms Koster said that the visions is already in place for Mens Netball in Fiji, and its just a matter of taking one step at a time to get there.



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