NewsNetball coaches developer attends 8th IWG Women and Sport hybrid conference

November 17, 2022by Mitieli Baleiwai

Five Netball coach developers attended the 8th IWG Women and Sport hybrid conference this week at the VMAX cinema in Damodar City.

The IWG and Sport Conference is one of the world’s largest conferences advocating gender equity and equality in sports, physical education, and physical activity, and runs programs globally year-round.

The 3 days hybrid conference was organised by the Australian Government’s ‘Sport for Development Program’ in the Asia-Pacific in partnership with the International Working Group (IWG) on Women & Sports.

Netball Fiji’s coach developers Litia Rabitu, Iliseva Drasuna, Losalini Bainivalu, Sereima Bolalailai, and Alesi Waqa attended the 3 days conference where they learned more about sport development, physical education, physical activity and advancing gender equity and equality in sports.

One of these coach developers Alesi Waqa explained that the Conference was a crucial platform for helping them understand all aspects of development, equity, equality, and physical education within a sport.

“It was an interesting seminar because we dived into all the important aspects of development, we talked about equality, physical education, and equity and how we involved other people especially those with special needs in the sports,” said Alesi.

TeamUp Fiji communications specialist Aaron Ballekom said that the seminar was part of the sport for development and physical activity across Fiji for Fijians.

“The seminar also includes an in-person facilitator to lead discussions and delivery of live, complimentary local panel sessions,” said Ballekom.

“It provides a space to share ideas and learn from both international and local experts on the challenges and solutions to ensuring more women and girls get the opportunity to participate and excel through sports.”




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