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Netball At The Pacific and Mini Pacific Games

Netball at the Pacific Games (previously known as the South Pacific Games) has been played by women’s netball teams from Pacific Island Countries since the 1963 Games which was held in Suva. Netball has been played 12 times at the Pacific Games and 8 times at Pacific Mini Games.

The Fiji Pearls has won 9 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medals for Netball at Pacific and Mini Pacific Games.

Netball was last played at the 2019 Pacific Games held in Samoa and unfortunately Fiji was unable to take part in these games as the Fiji Pearls were playing at the 2019 World Cup in Liverpool at the same time.

Since its introduction to the Pacific Games in 1963 netball has only missed out on 4 occasions and has missed 2 Mini Pacific Games since Netball’s inception at the 1981 Pacific Mini Games.

Fiji and Cook Islands have dominated Netball at the Pacific and Mini Pacific Games and have won every Gold Medal at these games between them except the 2017 Pacific Mini Games where Papua New Guinea won the Gold Medal, both Fiji and Cook Island did not take part in this tournament.

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