NewsDigicel Punjas National Championship scheduled from 1st -2nd September

August 28, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

The highly anticipated Digicel Punjas National Championship is set to unfold from the 1st to the 2nd of September at the National Netball Centre in Laucala, Suva.

This event serves as the pinnacle of Netball Fiji’s annual calendar, showcasing the country’s netball talents and uniting more than 33 teams hailing from over 13 Netball Associations nationwide.

As the excitement builds, each of the 13 Netball Associations will proudly field multiple teams from their respective districts.

The event is further enriched by the diverse participants, spanning various ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, all converging on the court for an exhilarating display of netball.

Participating grades

Premier Grade (Women) – This is the main grade, showcasing the major members, setting the stage for intense competition.

Men’s Grade – Carving a path for inclusivity, this grade embodies the evolving landscape of netball by welcoming male athletes.

Senior Grade (Minor & Island members) – Celebrating the strength of diversity within Fiji’s netball community, this grade embraces the skills of members from minor and island associations.

National Grade (19&U) – With an eye toward nurturing the future, this grade provides a platform for the emerging talents, as young athletes from all associations come together to make their mark.

The Digicel Punjas National Championship, an event that all netball enthusiast’s in Fiji follow closely, promises not only thrilling matches but also a festive atmosphere. The tournament is set to kick off at 9:00 AM on both days.

A snapshot of the team distribution reveals:

Premier – 5 teams

Mens – 8 teams

Senior – 8 teams

Under 19 – 12 teams

In a remarkable combination of talent, a total of 33 teams hailing from 13 associations will come together, their shared passion for netball underscoring the true spirit of this championship.

The 2023 Digicel Punjas National Championship promises to be filled with electrifying netball atmosphere, building camaraderie on the court, a testament to the enduring power of netball to unite and inspire.



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