NewsFiji Pearls duo, Avelina Navue and Reama Verekauta, Wrap Up 6-Week development Adventure with South Coast Blaze

August 15, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

Fiji Pearls duo Avelina Navue and Reama Verekauta have spend a total of 6 weeks in New South Wales under the Pacific Aus Sports Immersion Program.

The program creates pathways for emerging Pacific athletes to benefit from high performance coaching and training, Netball Australia and their partners aim to build linkages between Australia and the Pacific organisations and promote netball excellence in the region. 

Verekauta and Navue were named as non travelling reserves for the Fiji Pearls team to the Netball World Cup in Cape Town, they later joined the IMB South Coast Blaze Netball team where they were exposed to all the high-performance opportunities the New South Wales based club has to offer. 

Verekauta and Navue’s immersion adventure has further developed their game from on-court coaching or strength and conditioning off court, both girls are being pushed to their limits.

The program has provided them with the chance to learn from former Sydney Swift, Kim Gilmore, who is part of the coaching staff at the Blaze. Verekauta knew they were improving when she noticed a difference in Navue’s game. 

“Avelina only ever passes with two hands, but now when she’s feeling confident, I see her passing with one hand,” Verekauta said.  

Marji Parr, South Coast Blaze Open’s Head Coach and former Fiji Pearls player, has provided a safe space for Verekauta and Navue to learn and grow, acting as their connection to back home.
Through this program, Verekauta said not only have they gained a better understanding of what is best for their bodies and overall performance but have also benefited from the extra set of eyes and high standard of coaching. 

“I feel like we have a lot to take home, a lot of knowledge from Marj and the specialist coaches,” she said.  

Navue was thankful for the experience saying that it’ll also help players back at home as she’ll share her learning experience and help her teammates grow and develop their game.

“I feel like we are just gonna go home and be so excited to share with the girls what we have learned from this program.” 

Navue and Verekauta will be returning back to the country on Wednesday 16th August after they conclude their immersion program with the South Coast Blaze netball team.





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