NewsTabua believes that Netball helps instil Life Values

July 10, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

“Being part of the team helps build character.”

Those were the words from Fiji Pearls wing defender Josephine Tabua. Josephine beileves that being part of a team in any sports you’re participating in helps a lot in moulding the character of an individual. 

Josephine hails from Waidina, Wainawaqa in the province of Naitasiri and has maternal links to Vanuabalavu Lau. 

She is so happy  to be part of the WNC team, highlighting that it has not only helped develop her netball skills but has also contributed to her personal growth.

“I’m so thankful to be part of this team as it has not only helped developed netball skills, it has also helped me as an individual.”

“Something I learned is that in order to achieve our goal as a team we all need to work hard together, we can’t have one or 2 people slacking off as it affects our performance-we must be one”

Through netball, the 22-year-old has learned the value of discipline and the importance of maintaining focus. She explains that netball goes beyond the sport itself and instills important values in individuals who participate.

“Netball teaches us to work together, to be disciplined, work hard, maintain a strong focus, all these values is not only on the court, we must abide by it off the court as well.”

“I’m proud to represent my country to the World Cup, this is the chance for me to be able to play the sport I love at the world cup.”



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