NewsCoach developer making meaningful difference for Kadavu netballers

June 12, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

Former Fiji Pearls player and Netball Fiji coach developer, Alesi Waqa Paul, has been making a positive impact in Kadavu by organizing netball clinics during her visit to schools and villages over the past two weeks.

As a Police officer, Waqa is part of a community policing initiative in Kadavu, where she and other colleagues with sporting expertise are reaching out to the community by organizing clinics and training sessions for athletes, coaches, and children.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for community policing through sports, and I’m utilizing my coaching developer skills to organize clinics and workshops for school and community teams here in Kadavu,” Waqa explained.

To support her efforts, Netball Fiji has generously provided kits and equipment for Waqa’s visit. She plans to distribute these kits to athletes and teams she engages with during her clinics and workshops.

During her visit, Waqa has already conducted netball clinics at Kadavu Secondary School, Vunisea Secondary School, Nabukelevu District School, and Yawe District School. She also provided these schools with netball kits and uniforms, which were greatly appreciated by the teams.

“I will continue my visitation this week, reaching out to more villages and schools where we’ll continue to organize netball clinics and distribute netball equipment, uniforms, and balls provided by Netball Fiji,” Waqa added.

Through the community policing initiative by Fiji Police Force and the support of Netball Fiji, Waqa is making a meaningful difference in the lives of young athletes and promoting the development of netball in Kadavu. Her efforts are not only enhancing the skills and opportunities for local players but also fostering a stronger sense of community and collaboration through the sport.



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