NewsNew Zealand Umpire Lead train umpires at Men’s National Championship

The Umpire Lead for Netball Northern in New Zealand, Mrs Sharleen Morrell, was present at the National Men’s Championship last week to coach and assess the twelve umpires who participated in the two-day championship.

Netball Fiji plans to accredit some of its top umpires with the Netball NZ C award, and part of the process involves assessing and coaching them by an umpire assessor from New Zealand.

Morell emphasized the importance of developing local umpires to raise the standard of the games they officiate.

“There are a total of twelve umpires working throughout the games and receiving coaching. They have developed with each game and have really taken on board the coaching,” said Morell.

“It’s crucial for umpires to receive coaching and gain experience in a variety of games. We’re working towards helping them obtain their New Zealand C award.”

When asked about assessing these umpires at the Men’s game, Morell explained that the Men’s style of play is distinct and will challenge the umpires to improve their calls.

“Pushing themselves in Men’s Netball is beneficial for their growth. The men play a different style, and it can be a fast aerial game, which stretches the umpires’ techniques and encourages them to improve their umpiring skills.”

“During these two days, all twelve umpires have shown significant growth. They have embraced the coaching and have been a pleasure to work with. I have conducted one-on-one sessions with them, engaged in question and answer sessions, and they have been able to work on their technique, collaborate as a group, and receive more coaching,” added Morell.

Netball Fiji will also consider sending Fiji’s most accredited umpires to the South Pacific Games in PNG later this year.



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