NewsMen’s Championship creates pathway for young prospects

The Men’s Netball championship is drawing closer and teams from around the country are gearing up for the two days tournament from the 19th – 20th of May at the Vodafone Arena, Suva.

Last year the tournament only involved district teams while club teams are included this year. One club team Alumni from the Suva Netball Association will be participating in the two days tournament, and team captain Kitione Waqavonovono said that the opportunity to include club teams will develop upcoming players.

“It (Tournament) should provide a bit more excitement and give a chance to those players that usually will not have a chance to represent their district to play at the national level.”

“The exposure to the level of competition for these players will be immense in their growth and experience.”

The interest in Men’s netball has been constantly growing in the country and Netball Fiji saw a need to organize more community-level netball competitions to get these upcoming players involved and help them to grow their talent.

Waqavonovono said that men’s netball has been around for a long time and is beginning to get more recognition.

“Mens Netball has been around a long time in Fiji albeit informal so it is nice to see more recognition happening in this space that was traditionally a Women’s sport.”

“We look forward to the continued growth of our sports – both for women and men in Fiji.”

He added that the excitement is building as they look forward to the challenge of playing against other Men’s teams from across the country. 



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