March 15, 2023by Mitieli Baleiwai

Three countries will make their PacificAus Sports Netball Series debut this April when eight teams compete in the series’ third edition on the Gold Coast.

The series will be held at Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre from Monday 24 to Saturday 29 April 2023, with the Opening Ceremony taking place on Sunday 23 April.

For the first time, African nations Kenya, Malawi and Zambia will travel to Australia to compete in the competition against returning teams Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Singapore and dual-series champions Tonga.

Under the PacificAus Sports program and funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the series highlights the skills, talent and athleticism of Pacific netball athletes, and aims to provide high-level competition for the national teams of Netball Australia’s PacificAus Sports partners.

The inclusion of the three African nations provides an opportunity for Pacific partner countries to improve their performance through exposure to teams rarely competed against.

In a benchmark year for netball with the Netball World Cup and Commonwealth Youth Games, as well as the Netball World Youth Cup in 2025, greater diversity of teams in events such as the PacificAus Sports Netball Series aim to improve netball’s international standard.

The series hit Australia for the first time in March and October 2022, to establish itself as a pivotal tournament for international netball teams’ preparation in the lead up to the 2023 Netball World Cup in July.

Netball Australia Executive General Manager of Strategy, Government and Community, Glenn Turnor, welcomed the event’s return.

“The PacificAus Sports Netball Series has solidified its place in the Netball Australia calendar, and we are thrilled to see it continue to grow in 2023,” Turnor said.

“With the largest number of teams competing yet, we expect competition on the Gold Coast to be elevated, showcasing the development of our international contenders and the strength of our relationship with Pacific neighbours.”

The six-day series will see teams split into two pools* with final placings determined across two days of finals. Matches will be played to World Netball conditions.

“The PacificAus Netball Series is a product that brings together small island netball nations to the international stage to learn, share and showcase that we are a strong, competitive spectator sport,” Netball Samoa CEO Rosemarie Lome said.

Despite Netball Samoa not qualifying for the 2023 Netball World Cup, Lome stated the series is still an important event to gain exposure at the international level, presenting an opportunity to improve rankings.

“Participation in the series is a valuable part of our rebuild strategy. Our results at the Oceania Qualifiers were disappointing, however, it has allowed us to step back, reflect and strategise on how to rebuild and come back stronger to achieve our goals of gold at the 2023 Pacific Games, qualifying for the 2026 Victorian Commonwealth Games, and qualifying in the 2027 Netball World Cup.

“The series is also an opportunity to showcase to our World Netball community the quality and competitiveness of netball within our Oceania Netball region which we hope would attract invitations to participate in their tournaments and series.”

Entry to the April PacificAus Sports Netball Series is free. Every match will also be available to stream live and free at



Day 1 – Monday 24 April

Kenya v Zambia – 1.30pm
Samoa v Papua New Guinea – 3.30pm Tonga v Singapore – 5.30pm
Fiji v Malawi – 7.30pm

Day 2 – Tuesday 25 April

Zambia v Singapore – 1.30pm
Malawi v Papua New Guinea – 3.30pm Tonga v Kenya – 5.30pm
Samoa v Fiji – 7.30pm

Day 3 – Wednesday 26 April

Singapore v Kenya – 1.30pm Papua New Guinea v Fiji – 3.30pm Malawi v Samoa – 5.30pm
Zambia v Tonga – 7.30pm

Day 4 – Thursday 27 April

4th Pool A v 3rd Pool B – 1.30pm 3rd Pool A v 4th Pool B – 3.30pm 2nd Pool A v 1st Pool B – 5.30pm 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B – 7.30pm

Day 5 – Friday 28 April

4th Pool B v 3rd Pool A – 1.30pm 3rd Pool B v 4th Pool A – 3.30pm 1st Pool B v 2nd Pool A – 5.30pm 2nd Pool B v 1st Pool A – 7.30pm

Day 6 – Saturday 29 April

Placing 8th and 7th – 2.00pm Placing 6th and 5th – 4.00pm Placing 4th and 3rd – 6.00pm Grand Final – 8.00pm





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